Welcome to our investment page. looking to Invest in Augusta Georgia and other Southeastern areas? This is the place to be. Central Properties Group aims to be the top investing realtor in Augusta. Our goal is to assist investors in identifying the ideal property investment that aligns with their strategy and income objectives.

We offer a host of options you could invest in including single-family, multifamily, and commercial investment properties. Real estate properties for flip investment, buy and hold, and wholesale are also offered. Our listings can also include class A, B and C properties, ffering a broader range of investment options. We are also a 1031 exchange specialist who can guide you to understand the conditions and implications of undergoing a 1031 exchange so you can avail of the capital gains tax-deferred benefit it offers. Invest in Augusta Georgia. here at Central Properties Group!

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You get the flexibility in the choice of the real estate asset that you can own depending on the type of properties you want to invest in, your investment strategy, and income goals. Our listings consist of a broad range of properties that have been pre selected upon meeting our strict criteria for potential investments for your benefits.

Best value assets

You get the highest return on investments (ROI) on the quality, best value investments we have on our listings. All offering high-income potential, they pass our stringent requirements and high standards for the type of assets we offer for different businesses.

Agents’ expertise

You get maximum benefits from dealing with our expert professional agents who will support you from the start of your real estate transaction until the end. They provide valuable insights and guide you in the selection of investment property options that can bring you the passive income stream you desire.

Are You Ready to Expand Your Real Estate Portfolio?

Central Properties Group is the top investment firm in Augusta for real estate. We strive to offer you innovative solutions for a stress-free investment experience. Contact us, let us know your investment goals and the level of assistance you need. Our professional agents will be glad to work with you. You could browse our listings for free and receive free appraisal on the properties of your choice.
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