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The commercial property market is currently on an upswing. Moreover, it has a strong demand momentum, and the leased options are at a premium. However, commercial real estate offers better appreciation and rental yields, but it requires sufficient market knowledge, financial abilities, and longer holding capacity. Here at Central Properties Group, we have a comprehensive list of commercial property in Georgia for sale.

How can central properties help

This is where Central Properties Group can help you. In addition, we can guide you in the selection of commercial properties suited to your investment goals and the complexities associated with these assets, including higher ticket sizes, maintenance, and liquidity, among others. Furthermore, we have extensive listings of potential high-earning commercial property in Georgia and other Southeast areas that you can own to lease or rent out.

Featured Listings

1. Build for Rent Communities

Over the years, the concept of Build for Rent, or some may call it BFR communities, has become more popular. Furthermore, these properties are built for the purpose of long-term rental; thus, some individuals prefer to invest in these kinds of homes because of their low cost and high return model of investment. At Central Properties Group, we have a vast list of properties, which includes the pleasable

Build for Rent.

2. Multi-family Properties

Multifamily properties or apartment complexes are a good source of a steady income stream, since the buildings have multiple rentable spaces. In addition, we have in our listings multifamily properties located all over Augusta that you can choose from.


3. Flex Properties

Flexible properties are a great investment potential. Furthermore, being able to provide office and industrial spaces at the same time, this type of property will attract tenants looking to lease a complete business place. Additionally, our flex properties include both stand-alone buildings and flex properties located in dense industrial parks. This is where Central Properties Group can help you in finding the best deal for Commercial Property in Georgia and in other Southern areas.


4. Offices

Office buildings can cater to many types of businesses, including accounting and law firms. Furthermore, they could be designed to meet the business needs of specialized tenants, such as doctor's offices or travel agencies. As an investor in office properties that we have in our listings, you get the benefits of long-term leases and low tenant turnover. To explore your options further, see all the Commercial Property in Georgia for sale in our listings.


5. Restaurants

The restaurant business has many competitive advantages in the marketplace, such as more customers and higher customer turnover, which make the restaurant properties sought-after by business owners. If you're looking for restaurants in various locations, visit

our listings!

6. Industrial Properties

This type of property makes for a good investment due to the high demand for them. Additionally, it offers long-term income opportunities, higher rental yields, and greater tenant responsibility, which results in less maintenance for investors like you. Furthermore, our listings let you choose from a wide selection of high-potential industrial properties.

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You get the flexibility to make the choice of the real estate asset that you can own depending on the type of properties you want to invest in, your investment strategy, and income goals. Moreover, our listings consist of a broad range of properties that have been pre-selected based on meeting our strict criteria for potential investments to benefit you.

Best value assets

You get the highest return on investments (ROI) on the quality, best value investments we have on our listings. Additionally, all offering high-income potential, they pass our stringent requirements and high standards for the type of assets we offer for different businesses.

Agents’ expertise

You get maximum benefits by dealing with our expert professional agents who will support you from the start of your real estate transaction until the end. Furthermore, they provide valuable insights and guide you in the selection of investment property options that can bring you the passive income stream you desire.


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