What Is Build for Rent And How Does It Work?

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Build for Rent opportunities in Georgia

According to a forbes report, Build For Rent got an explosive growth in 2022. Making it perfect opportunity for Real Estate Investors.

How does this kind of Property Development differ?

Developers are designing BTR sites to suit prospective renter’s lifestyles. They opted to this in order to appeal to a specific section of the property market (i.e. those who wish to rent rather than buy).

Obviously, the homes themselves need to meet modern standards of living, and plenty actually exceed expectations if you’re willing and able to pay the rent they command. BTR developments in many areas are going one step further than merely designing fantastic apartments.

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Developers are now creating, or at least trying to create, mini communities within their developments. These includes features such as communal areas where people can hang out and socialise together.
Such features include the obvious and not-so obvious, from gyms to lounges and games rooms to dining spaces. In fact, many BTR developments are actually closer to hotels than homes. Tenants will even have their own concierge in some!


Apart from the snazzy features mentioned, there are other benefits associated with BTR and not just for the tenants. Local areas, too, can profit from these developments in a surprising number of ways.

Take the Ferry Lane site in Walthamstow, for example. This development by Legal & General has regenerated an extremely rundown part of E17. It also brought with it 2,000 square metres of community and commercial space which will undoubtedly benefit the local economy. Of course, there are people who are opposed to such large scale developments on their doorstep. And there are a number of people who state that this is no way to address the property crisis in the capital. But, to say these projects are completely without merit is, frankly, ludicrous.

People deserve better quality homes. And the long-term stability will be welcomed by renters who are tired of living under the threat of eviction through no fault of their own. The key problem with Build for Rent, though, is affordability. All of the good stuff mentioned above comes at a price, and that price is often above what many locals can afford to pay.

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